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Quantum Computation: Visualization of Quantum Circuits

Although, there is already a pretty printing for quantum circuits in Yao.jl as a tree, we are still lack of visualizing a quantum circuit defined as block tree. And we have already had basic plotting utilities in Julia, like Luxor.jl. It would be great and more convenient to provide multiple theme for plotting a quantum circuit with Yao.jl to various formats.

Recommended Skills: Basic knowledge in programatic visualization. Experienced with Luxor.jl is preferred but can be learned along the way.

Expected Results: Provide Yao.jl an extension package that converts a block tree to an image, which contains not only the circuit but also mark of composite blocks, users should be able to change theme for paper or multi-media use.

Mentors: Roger Luo

References: some demo image can be found in Yao.jl’s doc